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White Kitchen

Kitchens are an essential part of any home. As such, they require utmost consideration when it comes to designing them. Over the years, several kitchen themes and trends have come and gone, but only one seems to stand the test of time: the white kitchen.

From the 1920's to 30's, white kitchens have been in vogue. There's a reason why the term white kitchen has become a cliché, and this is because it is the most popular kitchen theme known for its cleanness and freshness. White kitchens naturally look spacious even when they are not. Since white reflects light when compared to its darker counterparts, it creates the illusion of space, thereby making small kitchens look larger.

If you have ever been in a white kitchen or you own one, then you would know nothing goes better with a white kitchen than white cabinets and white granite countertops.

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White kitchen is a classic and modern way of designing a kitchen most especially considering the fact that kitchens should be a place of sanitation and high hygiene it wouldn’t be bad to consider the idea of a white kitchen. White kitchen is one that has proved over the years to be unique by standing the test of time unlike other kitchen fads that come and go. If you are a house owner and hope to remodel your kitchen by implementing the idea of a white kitchen, then you should be ready for some serious cash responsibilities as it doesn’t come cheap; it’s quite expensive. However, with Bergen Granite we have the expertise to work around your budget and still help you get great quality whenever you need to remodel your kitchen or bathroom.

White kitchen exhumes the embodiment of two beautiful words “clean” and “fresh”. It is classic and gives you diverse options in terms of how you can set up your kitchen. The white healthy glow endures and does not accommodate any form of dirt.

A white kitchen may consist of pure white sparkling space with cabinets, walls, white marble counters, and some other kitchen gadgets and cabinets perfectly in white. Although, many house owners and families take a second thought before going out with setting up a white kitchen because of the possibility of spilled cereal bowls, muddy shoes staining the floor, and baking projects being handled by a child chef can make the whole kitchen messy as white will always make these stains highly visible. This is just one of the drawbacks to having an all-white kitchen but the advantages far outweigh its disadvantages if you ask me.

White naturally creates this ambience of happiness, purity, and innocence and with the fact that it is the brightest color it is also able to reflect light and makes your kitchen to look so spacious. Whatever your choices for cabinets, counter tops may be in terms of color and style, you are guaranteed that it will be well complimented by a white kitchen design.


Why Go For White Kitchen?

  • It has an inner beauty that is natural.
  • Every color paired with white looks great.
  • It gives you a variety of options as you can perfectly combine wooden cabinets, or use stainless steel appliances or even black appliances in a white kitchen. It universally complements all forms of design whether contemporary, transitional, or traditional, and you are still good to go with white kitchen.
  • It offers you the opportunity to perfectly combine different colors. For example, dark furniture like red or black stools can give a white kitchen a contrasting look that is attractive.
  • White naturally lights up your kitchen.
  • It creates space. White is not only bright but it also gives that sense of expansiveness making your kitchen look bigger than what it is actually is.

Bergen Granite & Marble - White Kitchen Idea

Bergen Marble and Granite is a kitchen and bathroom remodeling company and we also sell kitchen cabinets that are of great quality and they are affordable as well. If you need to fabricate and install countertops, then look no further beyond Bergen Marble and Granite as this is one aspect we specialize. Contact us today and you will be amazed at the quality of our works.

A well implemented white kitchen design is usually glamorous, and could also be indicative of good taste. Know that bringing on the white kitchen effect to your food house could be a lot more convenient than you may have thought.