Small Kitchen Ideas

No matter the size of your kitchen, you can still have a good and comfortable time as you carry out your baking and cooking duties all that is needed is just some creativity in setting right and you have more than enough space left to do other things in your kitchen. One big problem faced by people with small kitchen is storage and this can be sorted by probably getting wall-mounted cabinets with a couple of room to keep some of your kitchen utensils. An important thing to do is to store items based on how often they are used, for items that are not used on a daily basis they can be moved elsewhere or kept in cabinet up there in your cabinet while items that are used regularly can be kept on the lower part of the cabinet or shelf.

A good idea for making a small kitchen look big is to install light color cabinets, and countertops such as carrara marble and calacatta marble. This two types of marble will make your small kitchen to look wider than it is actually is.

small kitchen ideas

Essential Tips for Small Kitchen Owners

We will be highlighting some small kitchen ideas that will enable you enjoy your time in the kitchen regardless of the size.

  • Find New Location for Big Items: You can decide to find a new home for bulky items like the washing machine or if you have a separate washer and dryer you can consider taking them to the laundry room or to the kitchen. Another idea is to stack the dryer and washer on top each other.
  • Turn Every corner into a Storage Space: Any space that is lurking around can be turned into storage place where you can put kitchenware. Spaces between cupboards, under the sink, and the back of cupboards should be put to good use.
  • Use Wall-Mounted cabinets: You can install wall-mounted cabinets that reaches the ceiling so that it can be used to house kitchen utensils and other items that you use on a daily.
  • Add Storage Helpers: Your drawers and cupboards are your greatest storage resource and you have to make sure you maximize their use. Get a trolley or butcher’s block on castors, or use containers and popping baskets on top of your wall cupboards.
  • Get Portable Storages
  • Supersize the Sink: It is possible that your kitchen doesn’t have space for dishwasher, in such case, it is advisable to create room for a double sink. Keep one bowl for dirty dishes and the other bowl for washing. Doing this will go a long way in helping you not to clutter the entire workspace.
  • Install A Floor-to-ceiling Cabinetry: This is a great idea to take advantage of even the smallest space in your kitchen. Install the cabinet vertically up to the ceiling but make sure the room is kept open as much as possible. Store items you use less often in high cupboards and the ones you use on a daily can be kept in the lower cupboard.
  • Keep your kitchen scheme simple as possible
  • Tidy your workspace well so that you don’t have items littered all around
  • Clear away the clutter in small kitchens: Open shelving can do the magic for you so long you limit the number of shelves and also reduce what you keep on them.
small kitchenes

The bottom line here is to ensure that you put to good use every available space in a small kitchen and you will be amazed at the amount of space you have got. Bergen Cabinets & Countertops sells all kinds of marble such as Calacatta and Carrara marble to help you achieve this, get in touch with us and let us help you with ideas that will make your small kitchen great.