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The sink is an essential part of your kitchen that everything revolves around it. Food preparation, cooking, and eventually cleaning up all requires usage of the kitchen sink in one way or another. Choosing a sink that best matches your needs and lifestyle will have a direct positive impact on functionality and efficiency of your kitchen. 


Stainless steel kitchen sink is a great choice if you would like to create an industrial, bold or contemporary style in your kitchen. It is also very resistant to scratches, dents and germs. However, if you are more interested in a classical style, white and classy look of ceramic kitchen sink would provide a sophisticated and nice touch. Besides the style you should also consider your sink cabinet size and number of bowls of your sink, before making decision. If you don’t have a limited space you should see all the larger sinks that can provide more space for washing duties. But, if you feel like your kitchen needs a smaller sink size, you can always save from countertop space by choosing a standard sink size that will also easily fit your existing cabinets. If making a decision about perfect kitchen sink seems like a little complicated, our expert interior design team at Bergen Cabinets & Countertops will gladly help you explore the various features and characteristics of a stainless steel sink or a ceramic sink options available for you. So that, you can have the most convenient and stylish sink for your kitchen with the best customer service.

Elkay Dowell