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Most homeowners often go for the option of using neutral shades or standard colors when they are designing or redesigning their kitchen. Using different colors for your countertop and cabinetry will help to create a unique design that will make your kitchen pop. Hence, to achieve this uniqueness in your kitchen, red granites will be a great idea because of its ability to attract people’s attention, you can’t miss out noticing a red countertop in a room or space.

Red granites contrast lighter woods and light cabinetry; this choice of countertop is guaranteed to give your kitchen certain pop that you will love. A great combination will be lighter shades of red granite paired with dark wood cabinetry, darker woods, and a dark flooring. Red countertops will make a whole lot of sense in a kitchen space with lighter cabinetry with well-balanced light and dark lights.

You can combine a contrast bright red counter with dark cabinetry, this will give you a contemporary feel especially when the space is lit with red pendant glass light.

Some of the popular variance of red granites you can go for include Aquarius Red graniteRed Dragon graniteImperial Red graniteRed Malibu granite, African Red graniteRed Black granite, and Red Paradise among others. If you decide to go for a red granite countertop, you surely will have a great and fascinating design that you can cherish and be proud of.

There is no doubt that the idea of a red granite countertop in your home will look good. However, there are other means with which you can make it even more beautiful; some of these ways include having white granite with red specks, black granite with red specks, multi red slabs or multicolor red granite will also look fascinating as well.

Pink granite composition is also an amazing choise. Granite coast Brittany, and other types of pink granites are gotten from pink granite quarry. Some of the common pink granite colors are Ivory Pink graniteStrawberry Pink graniteSpanish Pink granite, and Rose Pink granite among others.

Pink and Red symbolizes love and can be used to make a bold statement in your home depending on your kitchen style and how well you are able to perfectly blend the color choices with your cabinetry and other appliances in your home. If you want a modern, unique, and romantic accent in your kitchen, then red granite countertops will most likely be the right way to go for you.

If you are the kind of person that like things to look jiggly, expressive, and rosy, then going for a red countertop will be a right step in the right direction. It is suitable for both traditional and contemporary kitchen designs.

Red granite is considered an exotic color option among its other granite counterparts. Red granite is predominantly found around the Jhansi area of India, thus, the material is also known as Jhansi Red Granite or North Indian Granite. Red Granite has also been used for exquisite details for the world wonder Taj Mahal.

Red granite is currently trending! Red granite goes very well with white, light brown, and light blue. If you are looking for an exotic option for your kitchen red granite will be a mesmerizing and modern choice for your living quarters.