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For thousands of years, food has been one of the most critical factors that determine and shape the structures of societies. In other words, the destiny of human beings can be written around our eating habits. In this long journey, the evolution of the food on our plate was also accompanied by the evolution of the kitchen. While at first, hunter-gatherer communities were dealing with no issues with food storage, the need for conserving food increased in harsh environmental conditions. Day to day, when the time for preserving the food had increased, the time to think before eating the food also increased. This led to a significant improvement: recipes. Finding different ways to prepare a meal is one of the most important factors that made the path to the emergence of the kitchen through the creative capacity of the human being.


Why Quartzite? 


While the kitchen, today, is so essential for all our social life, dealing with our technical needs in a kitchen is also a quite important part of it. The kitchen countertop is one of the most effective properties that increase our kitchen’s efficiency. Regarding kitchen use technics, quartzite kitchen countertops in Rockland County, NY, present great strength and elegance. In technical terms, a quartzite countertop slab is almost incomparable to its peers for several reasons. First, quartzite is a natural stone that emerged through different metamorphic processes where quartz sandstone turns into quartzite material over a long time. Because of these natural pressing processes, quartzite becomes a quality, non-porous kitchen material. This makes the material more resistant to any possible liquid damage and ensures the appearance of the kitchen countertop never gets harmed due to spots or stains. 

Since there is a huge amount of natural sources of quartzite stone in the United States, its delivery process is more local, from extracting to the end. Thus, the transformation costs and its carbon emission rate are at the minimum; therefore, we can say that purchasing a quartzite kitchen countertop is more eco-friendly. 


Quartzite Countertops Rockland


Main Advantages of Quartzite Kitchen Countertops


Quartz kitchen countertops in Rockland County, NY, are advantageous in terms of the following:

  • High durability at low costs
  • Budget-friendly payment alternatives
  • Top-quality material for kitchen use
  • High levels of effectiveness & efficiency
  • Eco-friendly purchase 
  • High levels of resistance to fire and scratches
  • Incomparable natural beauty


We Guarantee Top-Quality Material 


As Bergen Cabinets & Countertops, we offer you top-quality quartzite kitchen countertops in Rockland County, New York City. We are proud to have been in the kitchen decoration industry since 2016; progress is the most satisfying reward for us. Thanks to our 6 years of experience, we know the best among quartzite stone fabricators in NY, and we only work with the most professional ones. Today, Bergen Cabinets & Countertops is a leading brand in kitchen design, and we adopt the most eco-friendly and sustainable methods in our business. We were only 4 people when we started our journey through the deeps of kitchen development.

Nevertheless, in 6 years, we have achieved a 40-member capacity in our family. Our success and dramatic growth in such a limited time are due to our future vision. It is vital for our business to catch up with the world regarding the latest technology and the most critical developments. While today, our world is suffering from climate change, Bergen Cabinets & Countertops embraces using the latest technology to reduce costs and carbon emissions in all manufacturing and delivery processes. We invite you to visit our showrooms and gain further detail about all parts of our work. After all, one of our biggest missions is to serve our society by decorating the most sustainable kitchens in a better world to live in. 

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