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A kitchen is one of the most crucial parts of a house that make it a home. We need a room where we cook, eat and gather with our family to feel cozy. To feel that way, we must be content with its design; a good kitchen design relies significantly on the countertops.


Quartzite Countertop Colors 


Best Quartzite Countertops in New Jersey


Quartzite is one of the best countertop material options to make your design stand out. It is a natural stone with a venous look resembling marble but comes in brighter colors. It is not to be confused with quartz, which is similar to quartzite but a manufactured stone. Quartzite is a metamorphic stone that completes its formation over a long period, subjected to intense pressure and extremely high temperatures. After they are quarried, quartzite chunks are first cut into blocks and later into slabs. 

This beautiful natural stone offers many advantages. The first advantage of quartzite is that it is terrifically resistant to stains, scratches, blows, heat, and chemicals. Its durability is essential in its popularity in kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects. A strong and durable countertop is very cost-efficient in the long run. You do not get to remodel your house very frequently, after all. The second advantage of quartzite is that it is exquisite, and it comes in many colors. It allows you to create the most beautiful design, matching the right quartzite color to go with the rest of your kitchen. Quartzite countertops give your kitchen an elegant look with their crystalline glow: all you need to do is pick the best suitable slab to fit just well among your cabinets and white appliances. The third benefit of quartzite is one regarding the environment. Because it is a natural stone that goes through only a few non-chemical processes until it becomes the end product, it is sustainable and eco-friendly. Moreover, quartzite slabs are easy to clean and low maintenance. However, although they are resistant to chemicals, as mentioned above, cleaning them with a piece of cloth, warm water, and soap instead of chemicals is best to maximize their longevity. 

Quartzite Countertops NJ


We Provide the Best Quartzite Countertops in NJ


Now that you know all its perks, if you have decided that this hard natural stone is what you are looking for in your remodeling project, you have fallen on the right page. As Bergen Cabinets & Countertops, we offer the best quality quartzite countertops in NJ. 

When you check our quartzite countertop slabs NJ out, you will see that all these types of quartzite mentioned above have unique patterns and sparkles. However, they all have two essential characteristics: extreme durability and chicness!

As one of the topnotch stone fabricators in NJ, Bergen Cabinets & Countertops launched in 2016 with a nuclear family that consists of four members. It has grown immensely over the years and become a family of 40 experts and countless customers. We are determined to expand this family to its furthest potential and beyond by always aiming to provide you with a hundred percent customer satisfaction. We believe such satisfaction is possible only through heartfelt and thorough service. Therefore, we assist you all throughout your remodeling project. 

We are by your side from the moment your search for quartzite countertops in New Jersey starts, through the designing process, and finally at the installation of the slabs. You can get sales rep help or consult our specialists at any given moment throughout this process. 


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To benefit from our services and see our slab yard, you can visit us at our quartzite countertops NJ showroom. Starting with the assistance of a professional team like Bergen Cabinets & Countertops’ will ease the burden of your project. Our goal is to alleviate both your expenses and workload. Kitchen remodeling may be overwhelming, but when you work hand in hand with experts such as we are, we guarantee you will be happy with the outcome. 


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Bergen Cabinets & Countertops is a completely insured and licensed one-stop-shop that meets all your needs during your project. We value all aspects of your project and offer cost-effective, top-quality, and affordable solutions. If you are looking for quartzite in NJ, please feel free to get in touch or stop by!

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