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For all of us, it is hard to tell whether it is our home that makes us feel safe or it is our lovely kitchen. It results mainly from a kitchen that turns a house into a home; in other words, the kitchen is inseparable from where we feel taken care of. For thousands of years, during the evolution of human beings, the social concept of the kitchen has also evolved. In the first epochs of humanity, eating habits depended on hunting and gathering activities, and they were mostly nomads. However, after the domination of wheat, human beings gradually settled down and built more complex houses. This progress also revealed the kitchen: a whole space specified for cooking and eating.



The Best Quartz Countertops in Staten Island


Nevertheless, the kitchen story has gained many different and unimaginable dimensions during the evolution of societies. Today, there is even a separate industry for kitchen use and design. The main reason is that the kitchen still plays a fundamental role in our lives. It determines the quality time we spend at home with our family and our dearest friends. 

The primary determinant for quality and effective kitchen use is the kitchen countertop without hesitation. While one has a lot of options to go for a chic kitchen countertop, one can find the best quartz countertops in Staten Island, New York City, thanks to the professional and tasty choices of stone fabricators in NYC. You can easily rely on a top-quality quartz kitchen countertop to promise a functioning kitchen that saves both your time and money. After all, insufficient attempts to build a kitchen plan might cost you plenty of budget deficits. Yet, why burn your salary for never properly functioning kitchen property when the best quartz countertops are available for your kitchen right in Staten Island


Quartz Countertops in Staten Island


Why Quartz? 


Quartz is a beautiful natural rock that emerges from quartzite's process. Natural quartz countertops are all unique options for your kitchen display. Even if they are cut from the same quartz slab, they cannot present the same patterns and schemes of veins. Professional manufacturers shape quartz countertop slabs in collaboration with industrial design experts. Quartz slabs can be adapted to your needs for indoor or outdoor decoration ideas. For example, if you imagine a heart-shaped table, it is no issue.

Moreover, there are numerous options of quartz colors, which ease the way your kitchen countertop goes well with a lot of kitchen designs. For example, if your kitchen cabinets are dark green, then a warm white quartz countertop option with gray veins on it would look your kitchen so alive when a combination of them with a quartz slab in brown highlights would appear as more of a bohemian style. It turns out that kitchen quartz countertops in Staten Island, NYC become smart options for you. 


Main Advantages of Quartz Kitchen Countertops


  • They are top-quality at affordable prices.
  • They are incredibly durable to time damages.
  • Their beauty is indispensable in kitchen decoration. 
  • Natural quartz material is resistant to liquid absorption.
  • Swelling or bacterial growth is not a problem.
  • They are almost 100% fire-proof when adequately sealed.


We Offer Top-Quality Quartz for Your Kitchen


As Bergen Cabinets & Countertops, we proudly serve in the kitchen design industry for 6 amazing years. In all these years, we have embraced the vision to only work with the best stone fabricators in the area. In Staten Island, New York City, we guarantee to deliver top-quality quartz kitchen countertops since we trust our standardized quality in every branch of kitchen decorationWe are proud to say that we owe our success to the 100% customer satisfaction policy of Bergen Cabinets & Countertops. At the beginning of our journey, as only 4 adventurers, we put our hope and hardworking into the table to be the best. Consequently, Bergen is today's leading brand in the kitchen industry, with its 40-member family consisting of professionals in their fields. 


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