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A kitchen remodeling project is not something you can do very frequently. It is costly and requires heavy work, both mental and physical. Therefore, it should be thought about in detail, handled with care, and crafted with great attentiveness. As a reward for your hard work and in exchange for your expenses, you should be able to obtain your dream kitchen where you will make great memories with your friends and family. To reach such good results, you may consider getting help from a team of experts such as ours at Bergen Cabinets & Countertops. Working with a professional team will decrease your costs and ease the burden of your project.



Best Quartz Countertops in Hudson County


If you are doing a kitchen renovation project and seeking to find quartz countertops in Hudson County, New Jersey, make sure you check out the quartz countertops in the NJ showrooms of Bergen Cabinets & Countertops. 

At Bergen Cabinets & Countertops, we offer a wide range of the finest quality quartz slabs, working hand in hand with the topnotch stone fabricators in NJ


Why Employ Quartz Countertops in Your Kitchen


Quartz is composed of a blend of stones, resin, pigments, and polymers. Since it is a manufactured stone and can add any color pigment to its mixture, it is a convenient countertop material option for natural stones.

Being customizable in colors and patterns, quartz slabs can be adjusted to match any kitchen design. Customizing the quartz countertop colors according to your needs makes the kitchen remodeling process easier, for sure.

Another advantage of quartz countertops is their extreme durability. Quartz is a very hard material resembling granite and, therefore, resistant to blows, scratches, heat, and stains. 

Moreover, it has a non-porous surface that prevents bacterial growth, and the cherries on top need to be clean and easy maintenance.  

Find below the quartz countertops in Hudson County that we exhibit at our showrooms in New Jersey. 

Quartz Countertops Hudson NJ


MSI Countertops

MSI Countertops has been one of the best producers of quartz countertops in Hudson County, NJ, since 1975. Their experience in manufacturing cost-effective and durable products make MSI Countertops a common destination for those looking for fine-quality quartz countertops in Hudson County, New Jersey. 

MSI Countertops offer quartz color options: White, Mystic Gray, Iced White, Calacatta Verona, Cashmere Carrara, and Rolling Fog.


Dekton Countertops 

As one of the leading manufacturers of quartz countertops in Hudson County, NJ, Dekton Countertops offers bold and edgy products that will bring an iconic character to your kitchen design. They are not only iconic but also highly durable. 

The countertops at Dekton are a perfectly unique blend of glass, porcelain, and quartz. Quartz color options that Dekton provides include Tundra, Aura, Olimpo, Bergen, Radium, and Taga. 


Silestone Countertops 

Another great quartz manufacturer that Bergen Cabinets & Countertops works with is Silestone Countertops. Silestone’s products are a mixture of quartz and raw materials that offers extreme resistance and many color options. The quartz slab colors at Silestone Countertops include Pietra, Bianco Maple, Bamboo, Lena, Pearl Jasmine, Tebas Black, and White Storm. 


Caesarstone Countertops 

Being the pioneer of the quartz fabricators in Hudson County, New Jersey, Caesarstone produces the finest quality countertops that are highly durable and designed wonderfully. Caesarstone Countertops uses complex, high-tech processes to treat simply beautiful natural minerals, and the end product is extraordinary. 

The quartz colors available in Caesarstone’s wide collection include Lagos Blue, Montblanc, Coastal Gray, Misty Carrera, Taj Royale, and Pure White. Regardless of your choice of general design for your kitchen, it is a piece of cake to find the matching quartz slab among Caesarstone’s variety of products.


Cambria Countertops 

Last but not least, another top-quality quartz fabricator whose products we exhibit at our showrooms is Cambria Countertops. Cambria is a family-owned local business that produces attentively designed and uniquely handcrafted products. 

Cambria offers endless quartz countertop colors, including Seagrove, Annica, Ella, Windermere, Bentley, and Montgomery. In addition to these options, customized quartz slabs can be produced at Cambria Countertops. 


Our Objective at Bergen Cabinets & Countertops


All stone fabricators we work with provide us with only the finest products that offer excellent longevity. However, our services are not limited to ensuring you the best quality quartz countertops in Hudson County, New Jersey. We are also here to assist you from the beginning until the end of your kitchen remodeling project. You can benefit from our design consultation, thorough sales rep help, and installation services throughout your project. 

We provide such comprehensive service because we think that is the only way to ensure a hundred percent customer satisfaction. We aim to ensure you obtain your dream kitchen and leave us with a smiling face.

We formed Bergen Cabinets & Countertops as a family of four back in 2016 and kept it growing to become the great family it is today, with forty experts and countless customers. We aim to include more customers in our family daily to develop it even further. To establish this goal, we try to be more than a provider of products. We cherish your home and your remodeling project and look after them like our own. 

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