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Having a home has been one of the most critical priorities of human beings for thousands of years. It is a home that gives the feeling of belonging. It does not matter who is involved in it, but a family is the most precious thing in the world. A family might include your husband, wife, children, pets, and friends. A family is an institution that makes you feel that your heart is beating in the right place. However, the need for a warm and lovely home brings up some other requirements today, like a beautiful kitchen where you will share the most memorable moments with your family: your first anniversary with your wife, your daughter’s graduation from college, your dog’s first tooth or a celebration for your promotion with your dearest friends. In any case, you will want to be surrounded by a great kitchen at home.


The Best Countertops in the Bronx


While the kitchen is essential in our lives, components of this space are also significant for our time at home. In other words, the perfection level of your kitchen draws the line between your happiness and anxiety at home. It is simply because poorly equipped kitchens result in many costs of your budget. Nobody wants to spend their money on a constantly impaired kitchen countertop due to an unqualified installation mechanism or the lack of quality material. 

The most important feature of a kitchen countertop should be its durability. Durability comes not only from the quality of the material used in the countertop but also comes with the quality of the installation team you hire. An amateurly installed countertop can easily be moved in time by the tiny touches of your daily work on its surface, such as slicing bread. The kitchen countertop’s surface does not seem shiny if the sealing is not done correctly. Moreover, it can be easily damaged by scratching or fire. Nonetheless, there Is no need for pessimism because the most professional teams are available for you to install a beautiful quartz kitchen countertop in Bronx County, NYC.   


Quartz Countertops Bronx NYC


Why Quartz? 


Quartz is a natural rock that has gotten the attention of many people lately. The material is used in different industries, but it is common to purchase a natural quartz countertop for a kitchen in Bronx County, New York City. Its popularity for kitchen countertop use comes from the reason that quartz slabs are among the hardest countertop slabs in the world. It is an incredibly strong rock with beautiful quartz colors and is non-porous.  


Main Advantages of Quartz Kitchen Countertops


  • They are accessible for you at top-quality in Bronx County, NYC.
  • They are at affordable prices and budget-friendly. 
  • They are highly resistant to bacterial growth thanks to their non-porous structure.
  • They are durable to time for a very long time. 
  • They offer a fire-proof and stain-proof surface. 
  • They are found in a large scale of color naturally.
  • They become even stronger through manufacturing processes. 


We Guarantee Top-Quality Material 


As Bergen Cabinets & Countertops, we know that you desire only top-quality material for your kitchen. Since 2016, our mission has been to provide the highest quality for our customers. To maintain our quality standard, we only work with the most professional stone fabricators in the Bronx area, New York City. From the first day, we have come a long way to embracing the idea that 100% customer satisfaction is a must in our business. We owe our 40-member expert family to this mission today, although we were only four founders at the beginning.

Moreover, our clients also become a family to us. Bergen cares about your happiness in the kitchen in the first place; thus, we serve many options for you to be able to actualize your taste in the kitchen. Please do not hesitate to come and visit our showrooms to start a change.  

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