Purple Granite

Countertops can make or break any space they are installed in. Granite is a top choice for countertops with its durability and natural beauty. Purple granite countertops are the best option for a touch of elegance and captivating beauty. Selecting a darker shade of purple can help you make a bold statement. Some people can be afraid to use purple granite as countertops in their kitchens or bathrooms. However, purple granite countertops are fantastic design elements and can easily be combined with various colors to create a mesmerizing area.

Why Purple Granite Countertops Are a Great Choice?

  • Durable: The durability of granite is one of its various benefits. Your purple granite countertops can withstand normal wear and tear without any problems. Since granite is ingenious and formed under intense pressure and heat, it is quite strong and durable. When appropriately maintained, a granite countertop will last decades.
  • Easy Cleaning: As mentioned above, your purple granite countertops are sealed. This protective layer makes your cleaning of granite surfaces an easy breeze. You only need soapy water and a fresh cloth to get rid of all the dirt. We highly discourage using acidic cleaners because they can damage the sealant, causing discoloration.
  • Beauty: Natural stone surfaces are always great on the eyes. Purple granite is a neutral stone that is unique and versatile. This versatility enables your purple granite countertops to blend in with a variety of styles and design trends. Since each granite slab is unique, you will get a countertop only for yourself. There will be no other similar to yours.
  • Increases Home Value: Purple granite countertops will increase the resale value of your home. Having a unique and well-maintained purple granite countertop can be the deciding factor for any potential buyer. Since granite is highly durable, a granite countertop will last many years, so they can be considered long-term investments.

Downsides of Purple Granite Countertops

  • Built-Up Dust Can Be Noticeable: Your purple granite countertops can show the built-up dust, especially if you have a darker tone. Built-up dust occurs on countertops that aren’t regularly wiped. It is always a great idea to clean your countertops after using them.
  • Maintenance: Granite countertops are sealed like any other natural stone surface during installation. They all require regular sealing because of their porous nature. Liquids can seep into these pores, resulting in permanent stains. Sealing your purple granite countertops will protect your surfaces from unwanted stains or potential bacterial growth. Also, sealing your granite countertop will make it very easy to clean.
  • Cost: Purple granite is not a low-end material for kitchen countertops. Since every granite slab is unique, they all have varying prices depending on their rarity. Additional factors like the type of granite, the professionals needed for installation, and the amount required can all increase the cost. Since granite is highly durable, it will be worth your cash in time.
With their durability and natural beauty, granite countertops have always been a top choice for homeowners and interior designers. Design trends might change occasionally, but colors like white and black are popular almost always. Purple granite countertops are unique design elements that can instantly elevate your spaces, giving them an organic look.
Granite scores a 7 on MOH’s hardness scale, so diamond blades or other granites are the only way to damage granite surfaces. So knives can’t scratch your purple granite countertops. However, they can damage the sealant on the surface, so it’s always a great idea to do your cutting and chopping on a cutting board.
Granite is a strong, durable natural stone that can withstand the busiest kitchens. Granite countertops’ stain-, scratch-, and heat-resistance make them superb investments for your home. Also, granite countertops bring the beauty of nature into your home.
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