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Purple countertops are known for their gorgeous aesthetics in bathrooms and kitchens. They give your home a rich beauty that only few other countertops can match in terms of the way and manner it easily combines with different cabinetry, floor tiling, and backsplashes that you may use in your home.

Purple countertops are now being used by home owners and contractors because of its many good qualities; it has a natural look and it showcases a timeless and appealing aura in your kitchen. It has the ability of taking a high-quality kitchen set up to the next level visually and often turns out to be the focal point of the room

With the different shades of purple countertops available, you are guaranteed to find the best variations that will perfectly match your flooring, kitchen cabinets, and walls.

Purple needs to stay cheerful, light, and attention grabbing and as a result of this, pairing it with other darker colors will make it remain in the color-shadow of something that attracts the eye other than your beautiful purple countertops and this will make the look subtle.

In principle, purple should be a pleasant surprise and not an afterthought in a dark place. Hence, whenever you use purple countertops in your kitchen or bathroom, make sure that they always get natural or unnatural light on them so that hat they can always draw people’s attention. There is no point having a subtle and attractive color when it will not be seen or noticed.


Purple Countertop Kitchen Design

Purple countertops will go perfectly well with a couple of colors such as grey, blue, black, white, and cream among others.

Rustic Purple Kitchen: You can have white kitchen cabinets to complement the purple countertops in order to make a spectacular statement in a rustic purple kitchen style.

You can also have a touch of grey as your cabinet or wall painting to match with the purple countertops. This will help to bring some kind of liveliness into your kitchen space. Add a touch of elegance with purple countertops accompanied with steel appliances and bare brick wall in your kitchen. This will eliminate all kind of dullness in your kitchen.

  • Combine with Natural Accompaniments: Purple combines well with light greens, bright greens, and other textured and colored kitchen concepts.


  • Avoid Using Purple Countertops with Dark Hues: One mistake you should avoid is using pairing purple color with a darker hue of another color or using a darker hue of purple instead.


  • You can always contact professionals who can help you with the right cabinetry colors, flooring, and wall paint when you decide to go for purple countertops either in your kitchen or bathroom. The choice of a purple countertop is a great way to make a bold statement in your home anytime any day because it draws attention and will make your home a real beauty to behold.

Purple granite is considered an exotic color option among its other granite counterparts. Purple marble is quarried from Maine in the US and China. It is an exotic material that has been used by Chinese dynasties over the centuries for their most important monuments and shrines.

Purple granite is currently trending! Purple granite goes very well with white, salmon, pink, and light grey. If you are looking for an exotic option for your kitchen purple granite will be a mesmerizing and modern choice for your living quarters.