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Where do you see yourself when you imagine a peaceful morning with the sun going up, accompanying the smell of happiness? The first place coming up to your mind is the kitchen, of course! It is priceless to get up early in the morning following the smell of our favorite pancakes that your mom or dad just made for you. In other words, the kitchen can easily be where you feel exceptional with the help of some simple touches, such as a tasteful and fluffy strawberry pancake.


Porcelain Countertop Colors


Best Porcelain Countertop in New York City


While you can experience the secret world of foods following a route by your very personal taste in the kitchen, these experiences will be accomplished by an excellent worktop slab. A kitchen owes most of its aura to the kitchen countertop that is displayed in the most appealing spot within that space. It freshens up the room's air in light and smooth colored surfaces or just makes it fancier through a few marginal choices on remodeling your kitchen. If you are attracted, so far, to the idea of an efficiently designed kitchen slab with an elegant look in various patterns, then a porcelain kitchen countertop would be perfect for you to go along with. 


Essential Advantages of Porcelain Countertops


Porcelain is an elegant material that has been used since the years of B.C for different purposes, ranging from making kitchen tools like plates to coating walls of buildings. While it is known that the origin of this material goes back to China, porcelain's journey took its direction towards Europe in the 9th century, and today it retains its popularity across the world. Porcelain is basically involved in the ceramics group, simply baked clay at over 1000 °C. Thus, it is a tough, tight, and fragile material.

Deciding to design your kitchen through a choice of gorgeous porcelain countertops has a lot of advantages:

  • They are at very low costs due to their ease of installation.
  • They can be installed even just right over your outdated countertop thanks to their easily shaped material and save your time and money. 
  • They add beauty to your kitchen's atmosphere. 
  • Their material is nonporous, so they are extremely water & stain-proof.
  • They can resist extreme heat, so temperature-caused damages are not an issue at all. 
  • Their perfectly smooth surface provides a good worktop surface for your most delicate recipes.

Porcalein Countertops New York City

We Provide Affordable and Top-Quality Porcelain Kitchen Countertops in NYC


As Bergen Cabinets & Countertops, we offer the best porcelain kitchen countertops in New York City with the collaborations of top-quality porcelain countertop brands. With our years of experience in the industry, we guarantee you to have a glorious porcelain countertop with a delicate installation for the best prices in NYC. Since the beginning of our story, we have always been so selective in working only with professional countertop fabricators. Our company managed to become a great family with 40 experts in the kitchen industry today, thanks to the amazing affords and hardworking of our only 4 founder members. You can put your complete trust in our family since we perceive our customers as also a part of this family. We are happy to invite you to join us because it is always a pleasure to have satisfied customers in our family.

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