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There is no doubt that the kitchen is the most significant space in your house for countless reasons. First, what can be more joyful than sharing our dinner table with our loved ones? Kitchen time is not only to share with people we care about a lot but also with our non-human family and friends. Isn’t it wonderful that our lovely dog and cat accompany us at dinner time after a long, exhausting day at work? Moreover, the kitchen is also among the most critical areas in the house in terms of design and decoration. Decorating your kitchen as you have always desired will make you happier than ever.


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Best Porcelain Countertop in New York


In a kitchen, it is clear that a countertop slab is an item that plays the most crucial role in presenting your kitchen. When you enter the room, the kitchen countertop is the element that will first stand out to your attention. Nonetheless, the importance of the kitchen countertop is not only related to aesthetic concerns about our house, but it is also about turning your kitchen into the most effective and efficient space to cook, prepare or reserve your meals. A high-quality kitchen worktop can save much money in your pocket rather than spending it on extra costs resulting from continuous troubles of a low-quality slab. A kitchen countertop of cheap material creates more costs than you think through various problems such as easily getting damaged by a hot pan, swelling in a short period due to splashing around different liquids or turning into a rusty surface. Thus, your choice while deciding on your new, and maybe even your first kitchen countertop is of top-level significance.

Porcalein Countertops New York


Why to Consider Porcelain Countertops


To have peace of mind, problem-free use of the kitchen countertop, and, of course, an eye-brightening view of your kitchen, a porcelain kitchen countertop would be a great choice. Porcelain is highly durable to sunlight; therefore, it lasts so long without any discoloration, which would spare you from worrying about the fading pattern or color. Porcelain countertops are much less porous than other kitchen countertop materials; thus, it provides lower costs because the swelling is not an issue for porcelain kitchen slabs. It, subsequently, does not get a rusty surface since there is not even a tiny space among its minerals to absorb and keep liquid. Moreover, it is almost impossible to leave a scorch mark on it with a standard kitchen tool because porcelain is highly resistant to heat. It is already made under very high temperatures. Its smooth surface will help you roll perfect bakery doughs if you are into preparing delicious pastries, pizzas, or pasta. In short, a dashing porcelain countertop can bring your kitchen:

  • High durability
  • Top-quality for affordable prices
  • Beautiful outlook
  • Adds value 
  • Smooth working surface 
  • Water & fire resistance
  • Stain-free worktop


We are a Family-Owned Business that Prioritizes Realizing Your Dream Kitchens! 


Bergen Cabinets & Countertops is a proud family that provides you with high-quality porcelain in the NY area. Thanks to our effective teamwork, we can offer you a broad scale of porcelain countertop colors, though it still preserves its naturality. Bergen Cabinets & Countertops always stands for the best place to buy porcelain countertops because we work with the most quality brands and fabricators. Since we have been in business since 2016, we offer our customers to benefit from our knowledge and experience in kitchen design. Our secret ingredient in being so successful in the industry is constantly seeking if our customers’ needs and demands are met most professionally.

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