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Kitchen remodeling projects are not always easy to pull off. Because it is costly and takes a lot of time, energy, and physical and mental work, it is done once in a blue moon. Therefore, the remodeling process should be handled attentively.

Porcelain Countertop Colors 



Best Porcelain Countertop in New Jersey

The kitchen is where the family meets for dinners or a cup of coffee. Besides being the go-to room for get-togethers and catching-ups, it is also the room where most of the housework is done. Hence, it should be designed carefully to be cozy, easy on the eyes, and functional at the same time. Since kitchen countertops are the first thing you notice when you enter the room, choosing the slab is very crucial for the general design of the kitchen. Working with an experienced team through the design and purchasing process is always a good idea to ease your workload and relieve your budget. 

As Bergen Cabinets & Countertops, we offer the best quality porcelain countertops in NJ for your kitchen remodeling project. Porcelain is a considerably dense material that is manufactured with a specific sort of clay. Porcelain countertops slabs come in various color options because they are glazed while being manufactured. There are many pigment options for these glazes. 

Find some of the porcelain countertops colors we exhibit at our porcelain countertops NJ showroom below: 

  • Aged Dark Nature
  • Aria White Nature 
  • Ars Beige Nature
  • Aria White Polished 
  • Bianco Lasa 
  • Ars Beige Polished
  • Bottega Antracita Nature
  • Breach A & B
  • Calacatta Gold Nature & Polished
  • Capraia
  • Carrara White Silk
  • Eternal Gold A & B 
  • Laurent
  • Liem Black Nature & Polished
  • Marquina
  • Taj Mahal Polished Mill & Nature Mill
  • Viola Blue Silk Mill & Polished Mill

Porcalein Countertops New Jersey

As one of the top-quality porcelain fabricators in NJ, we offer a wide variety of color and pattern options for porcelain slabs. All of these porcelain countertops slabs have a couple of things in common. The first and foremost of these shared characteristics is chicness. Porcelain slabs will surely add a dash of beauty to your kitchen design. However, this is not nearly all: choosing porcelain countertops slabs for your kitchen renovation project brings many other advantages. The first advantage is the porcelain countertops’ durability. They are highly resistant to heat, stains, scratches, chemicals, and UV rays. Because porcelain is a very dense material, it is incredibly durable. They are very cost-effective in the long run in this sense. The second advantage of porcelain slab countertops in NJ is that they are easy to maintain. It is simply adequate to wipe the countertops with a wet cloth. Moreover, sealing the porcelain countertops is optional. Unlike other countertop materials, their glaze makes them resistant to bacteria. 

If you are looking for porcelain slab countertops in New Jersey, make sure you take a look around at our porcelain countertops NJ showroom. As one of the best porcelain countertops brands, we offer a reliable service from the beginning of your kitchen remodeling project until everything is set for your first meal in your brand new and elegant kitchen. We provide you with a design consultation, thorough sales rep help, and installation services. By valuing every aspect of your project and being there for you at all times, we aim to decrease your expenses and ensure you don’t get overwhelmed. 

Bergen Cabinets & Countertops was a small family of four in the beginning. We grew into a huge family with 40 experts and many customers. We look forward to growing our big family even further by including more customers daily. Reach out to us, and your search for porcelain in the NJ area might be over. We will make sure you will leave us with a hundred percent customer satisfaction.

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