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What does appear in our minds when someone mentions a relaxing time that involves a place where time does not matter? As you quickly figured out, one of your first thoughts is definitely your kitchen! A kitchen takes us on a journey among the most delicious smells accompanied by the sounds of an oven, a pressure cooker, or a boiling teapot. For some of us, kitchen hours are more of a hobby when we need space to empty our minds from the stressful thoughts of work or responsibilities. A qualified and elegant kitchen offers the luxury of not concerning the time in that unique piece of the day.


The Best Marble Countertops in Staten Island


For a well-functioning kitchen that lacks any trouble in it, a kitchen countertop is a very crucial element. It is no rumor that the kitchen countertop can make your peace at home; neither is an exaggeration. Although the quality of all your kitchen stuff is so significant, the kitchen countertop holds a separate place among them. It is mainly because a kitchen countertop is the core of both your cooking works and your use of the space in architectural terms. It is an asset that your countertop is not shaking, moving, or easily being scratched; however, an insufficient countertop material or an ineffective installation can easily reveal these problems and waste your money.

On the other hand, well-designed countertops' benefits would go beyond your expectations. Not only your money but also, they can save your time and happiness. A quality kitchen countertop does not make you have to clean it hard after regular use or deal with hot pan burns during a challenging cooking task. With all these in mind, why don't you think about a beautiful marble countertop for your kitchen? A marble kitchen countertop would be just perfect in every term that will satisfy your needs. The best marble countertops in Staten Island, New York City, are only a step away from you. 


Marble Countertops in Staten Island


Why Marble? 


Marble is a beautiful and royal natural stone that has been embellishing royal houses, theaters, agoras, or holly places for thousands of years. Today, marble has lost nothing from its glory and popularity. Natural marble stones emerge through interaction with the wind. Since its beauty comes from an abrasion caused by the wind, it has a soft tissue compared to other countertop materials. It causes a common misinterpretation as marble is not strong enough for kitchen use; nonetheless, its strength is insignificant. If you reconsider the marble structure that erects the most glorious masterpieces for epochs, such as the Tac Mahal, you will definitely have no doubt that it is more than enough as a kitchen countertop


Main Advantages of Marble Kitchen Countertops


Today, marble countertops in Staten Island, NYC, are great opportunities for you to try marble quality in the kitchen. Thus, if you are keen on the main benefits that a marble countertop slab presents, they offer:

  • High durability for budget-friendly costs 
  • High resistance to scratches and bruises
  • A fire-proof and a water-proof surface
  • The beauty of the ancient times


We Guarantee Enchanting Marble Options


As Bergen Cabinets & Countertops, we promise you to deliver only top-quality marble countertops in Staten Island, New York City. Since we have been in the business for 6 years with a non-stop effort to innovate our work daily, we have built a professional production chain. Initially, we are very selective in deciding on the best marble stone fabricators in Staten Island, NYC. Because we know that if Bergen is a leading company in the kitchen industry today, we owe this position to our client's total satisfaction. Besides guaranteeing you the enchanting beauty of marble, we assure you that your every little concern is our priority to take care of. Please come and join us in our showrooms to make your kitchen dream come true. 

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