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What does come up to your mind first when you imagine a warm atmosphere of a home? It is probably a room full of your loved ones, who might be your partner, children, or friends. While you are thinking about maybe a romantic 30th-anniversary celebration with your husband or your kid's 10th birthday party, it is not so easy to envisage a celebratory atmosphere so far away from the kitchen. More or less, the kitchen is always involved in the happiest moments that your home will bear testimony of. It is where our first and most crucial survival need meets a response through the most joyful way, which is cooking, of course.


Best Marble Countertops in New York


For the place we cook the most delicious meals for our most memorable days, how your kitchen is displayed is crucial to making a memorable day. Subsequently, kitchen countertops are among the essential elements for your kitchen to be presentable. A kitchen countertop is capable of creating a gorgeous look in your kitchen. If you are looking for one, then marble countertops in New York can provide great options.

Marble is a beautiful and elegant-looking stone. Apart from the kitchen modeling industry, it is also popular in different areas, ranging from architecture, such as pillars in ancient Roman buildings, to sculpture, including Michelangelo's famous artworks. Its first use dates back to the 3rd century BC and the word 'marble' etymologically refers to "shiny stone ." In those early ages and for a long time, only white marble was used in architecture, sculpture, and jewelry making since it was considered the symbol of purity and royalty. As we can conclude so far, marble has always been dressed through aesthetic concerns. Today, it is possible to grow the artist inside you with numerous color options in marble countertop slabs in NY and turn your kitchen into an artwork.

Marble Countertops New York


Advantages of Marble Countertops


Here are some of the significant benefits of having a marble countertop in your kitchen:

  • They have an enchanting beauty. 
  • They are 100% budget-friendly.
  • They are incredibly durable and highly resistant to scratches.
  • They are hard rocks, and it is almost impossible to cause any injuries due to breaking the kitchen's slab.
  • They provide high quality and functionality.
  • They enable you to customize your kitchen in a wide scale of countertop patterns, designs, and colors.
  • They are fire-proof, making your cooking experience much easier.
  • They are water-resistant due to their much smaller porous composition compared to many other countertop materials.


We are a Family-Owned Business with Years of Experience

Bergen Cabinets & Countertops is a proud team to say that all the qualities and features you would like to see in a marble slab yard can already be found in our products. Our experts will answer any questions about kitchen design concerning the most efficient way to use your space and, more specifically, the suitable countertop material for your kitchen. We would be happy to help remodel your kitchen with our colorful marble countertops such as green, red, blue, or purple marble countertops or more classic colors such as white and black. Moreover, since our mission is to offer our customers high-quality service, we are careful enough to stock our slabs as blocks to protect the harmony of patterns among our marble products. With the help of our fully licensed and insured team members, you will have your dream kitchen in your home.

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