Kitchen Island

A kitchen Island is a piece of cabinet standing freely in the kitchen to supplement the countertop space. You can creatively create your own design and style of Kitchen Island depending on your unique taste to make cooking and doing other kitchen chores easy for you. Modern kitchen designs are taking a new turn with several designs springing up on a daily, now we have both cooking surfaces and adding sinks to the kitchen cabinet. It is also common sight these days to see elevated stools along the non-cooking preparation part of the island as an additional portion of the dining area.

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A kitchen island is primarily meant to open more storage room in the kitchen by incorporating more internal storage as you can. There are different kitchen island styles and it is usually a function of what the kitchen space looks like. Some of the things to consider in designing your kitchen island include countertop surface, accessories, and colors.

Types of Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island come in different types that include a variety of options from the most simplistic and cheap design to the most functional and the most expensive one. The most distinguishing factor of the available kitchen island types is whether they are portable or fixed/permanent island.

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Benefits of Having a Good Kitchen Island

The benefits of having a great kitchen island style are as follows:

  • Additional Storage Opportunity: It gives room for more storage in addition to cabinetry most especially if your kitchen is lacking enough space. Having a well layered kitchen island may go a long way in creating more space by adding more drawers, cabinets, and pull out shelves among others.
  • It Provides Extra Seating: Having a good kitchen island can help bring about additional seating in the dining area so that your family and guests can have more room.
  • Kitchen Island is Good for Kids: A kitchen island can be a good place for kids to come have a view of what is happening in the kitchen and they can also enjoy working on their homework. You can also easily place children favorites such as chocolates, snacks in area of the kitchen island where they can be easily accessed by kids.
  • Versatility: Kitchen Islands offer great versatility, especially if they are movable. You can always move your kitchen island in and out to create more space as the occasion may require.
  • You can place additional kitchen amenities at your island as you can incorporate preparation sinks, drawers, refrigerator, and additional cooking area to your kitchen island.
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Any way you look at it, kitchen islands are a great idea and should be considered to bring some level of flexibility and comfortability in your kitchen.