Italian Kitchen Design

If you are in the middle of a kitchen renovation process and do not know how to reflect your joyful style, you may want to learn about Italian Kitchen Design. 

Italy is usually at the forefront of design. Whether it is architecture, fashion, or interior design, Italians always find a way to show their gusto. The same is valid for their kitchen designs, and today, Italian kitchen design is gaining popularity all over the world. If you adore Italian cuisine, get ready to fall in love with their kitchen design, too!

When we say Italian kitchen design, we mean two different styles: Traditional or Modern interpretations. However, if you ask which one defines an Italian kitchen design the most, the answer is the traditional interpretation because it illustrates the unique characteristics of traditional Italian houses. These Italian kitchens designed traditionally are known for the rustic aura and earthly feeling they provide. They are cozy, warm, and inviting, making big family gatherings possible. 

There are some elements that define an Italian kitchen design, including color palette, furniture, floor, lighting, and accessories. Keep reading to learn more about each component to decide whether this type of kitchen design suits you.


One of the essentials that define an Italian kitchen is, of course, colors. The colors used in these kitchens make you feel like you are enjoying your day at the seashore in Italy. Warm colors that mimic the sunset of the Italian countryside and vibrant hues of the Mediterranean Sea create a lovely atmosphere in your kitchen where you and your loved ones will always want to spend time. Yellow, orange, gold, blue, and green are the most complimentary Italian Kitchen design colors.

italian kitchen


The natural theme is dominant in most the Italian–style kitchens. Accordingly, distressed, natural woods are often used in Italian kitchens. You may prefer a large wooden table, chairs with rush seats, and a couple of benches on the long sides of the table to enjoy a meal with your loved ones. 

Floors and Countertops

Since natural appearance is generally preferred in Italian-style kitchens, you should pick natural or natural-looking materials for your floors and kitchen countertops. For instance, you may choose natural stones like granite, marble, or quartzite as your countertop material. On the other hand, natural-colored ceramic tiles for your flooring would be an excellent pick for your Italian kitchen design. If you wish to add some natural warmth to your place, hardwood floors can also be preferable.

italian kitchen picture


When it comes to the lighting of an Italian-style kitchen, it is crucial to stay away from lighting that looks too artificial. In this sense, instead of track lighting or fluorescent task lights, you should find ways to benefit from daylight. Also, old-world lighting, like chandeliers and sconces, will be perfect choices. Artworks on the walls, flowers, and plants placed in front of the windows help you add some bright and airy feeling to the kitchen.

Appliances and Accessories

Wisely chosen kitchen appliances and accessories help you complete your Italian-style kitchen. In general, you should prefer pieces that give a more natural and earthy feeling. You may have antiques and vintage decoration pieces in your kitchen without overwhelming the place. You can buy clay pots and colorful dishes and display them on shelves you hang on the wall. You can place a rustic bowl full of fresh vegetables and fruits on your table. 

Since now you know every essential that defines a traditional Italian kitchen design, you can decide whether this style is the one that you wish to reflect in your kitchen.