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Italian Kitchen

Italian kitchen when mentioned means different things to different category of people depending on their knowledge of what Italian kitchen entails. Italian kitchen today is known for their innovative and sleek designs but are out of this world. Italy is usually at the forefront of design, whether it is architecture, fashion, or interior design, they always have some edge and this is not different in the case of Italian kitchen designs.


Italian Kitchen Design

Italian kitchen is of contemporary designs that are sleek and slick, with streamlined designs and integrated appliances. Italian kitchen designs are known to have this rustic aura; they are cool, cozy, and they incorporate some elements of the outdoors by bringing them in. Elements such as terra cotta, stone, and other natural materials find their place in designing an Italian kitchen. There are no unnecessary accessories and frills but they are still incredibly functional.

Bergen Granite & Marble - Italian Kitchen

Rustic Italian kitchen designs involve warm colors that mimic the sunset of the Tuscan countryside. Golds, warm yellows, and oranges are usually used as the wall colors while adding a glass tile backsplash in greens and bright blues helps to give a nice contrasting touch to the warm colors by invoking feelings of the sea.



Most Italian–style kitchens use a large wooden harvest table and with seats around the table to keep with the natural theme of the entire set up. They use benches in place of chairs to engender a more relax look.

Bergen Granite & Marble - Italian Kitchen_2


The floors are made using natural-looking stones and materials since Italian kitchen design is meant to give a rustic feel and also bring the outdoors in. Terra cotta, natural-colored ceramic tiles, and stone floors are a great idea. Hardwood floors are also not a bad idea as they will look wonderful as well.



Italian Kitchens does not use track lighting or florescent task lights. What is used is charming, old-world lighting such as scones and wrought iron chandeliers. Lights that are not shiny and have muted metal finishes, or contemporary-style lights are what is recommended for Italian Kitchen lighting.


The accessories used in Italian Kitchen design is what makes everything come to life and gives that traditional-style Italian kitchen. Some of the accessories used are;

  • Antiques are used in place of new items.
  • Hang pans and pots from racks on the walls or ceiling for easy access.
  • Fill the room with homey accessories such as rustic pitchers of collection of personal objects and flowers.
  • Have vegetables and fruits displayed in large rustic bowls.
  • Fill clay pots with and let them be on the windowsill.
  • Use bright color dishes and display them in an open place.

Bergen Granite & Marble - Italian Kitchen_3

Italian Kitchen design is classy, and is one that most homeowners are adopting today because of its cozy and beautiful look. If you must go for an Italian kitchen design, we will recommend you make sure it is handled by professionals so that the job can be done to your satisfaction as that is the way you can get good value for your money.