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Grey granite countertops are a real delight because of their versatility, and ability to perfectly fit with both dark and light-colored kitchen cabinets. It is suitable for all kinds of kitchen design and style such as modern, high-end luxury designs, traditional, and contemporary designs.

At Bergen Cabinets & Countertops, all of our slid stone countertops are handpicked for beauty, quality, and consistency. When you set out for designing your kitchen and you decide to go with grey stone countertops; then look no further, our team of experts will help you in selecting the most appropriate stone for your design.

Grey granite countertops are available in a variety of dark and light grey granite options depending on your taste and what you want. You can choose from thick granite countertops that features both dark and light greys and marble-like veining pattern.

Grey Granite Colors

Grey granite countertops are unique and very beautiful as well. The most popular grey granite colors you will find around to design your kitchen include white and grey granitedark grey granitesteel grey granite countertops, and Georgia grey color.

A good grey countertop you can consider when designing your home is the steel grey granite from India. It is a low variation durable granite with small flecks of lighter grays and shades of grays. It is available in slabs in a well-polished finish and it is suitable for both exterior and interior projects and can be used in landscaping, flooring, walls, countertops, residential, and commercial projects among others. 

You can have steel grey granite with white cabinets, grey kitchen cabinets with white granite countertopsgrey granite sinks, and grey granite slabs; the idea of a steel grey kitchen is great.

Grey countertops is amongst the most widely used colors for kitchen countertops by homeowners and builders because of its ability to blend perfectly into both rustic and contemporary designs. It is also a lovely antique when it is combined with painted furniture.

No doubts, grey countertops are a great idea because of the way they perfectly fit into both light and dark kitchen cabinets and other kitchen gadgets. Hence, you can go for the choice of grey countertops as you will not have to worry whether it will still fit in when you bring in other types of cabinets or items into the kitchen.