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Wouldn't it be great to have amazing parties, the most memorable occasions with family and friends, where you feel the safest? Undoubtedly, your lovely home and kitchen would welcome your guests in the most frankly atmosphere through a brilliant decoration taste. After all, display and appearance are of the utmost importance nowadays for a reason: it demonstrates who you are! In all aspects of life, our taste is influenced by the fashion spirit.



The Best Granite Countertops in Rockland


Considering the latest fashion trends in the home decoration industry, your home can even be a piece of art with an elegant touch of the kitchen. Although harmony of kitchen properties such as kitchen cabinets, coating, and white appliances is essential to design a kitchen, a beautiful countertop is always the kingmaker. It is because, first, a countertop is the first thing that catches your gaze in the room, with its glorious surface at the center of your kitchen. This critical attention point, nevertheless, can be lost if you stay back from investing in a gorgeous granite countertop. 


Why Granite? 


Granite is one of the best options as a quality kitchen countertop material. Though its use in the production of kitchen countertops is very common, there are a lot of different uses where granite is very popular as a base material, such as floors, outdoor coatings, and kitchen pots. It is a natural rock mainly composed of quartz that emerged from a magmatic process. However, it is not layered as other composed rocks; on the contrary, it reveals in nature as massive. With its natural beauty in a large scale of colors, granite is a strong candidate for a well-designed kitchen with an elegant taste. There are numerous options for granite countertops in Rockland County to fit into your kitchen. Natural granite countertops in New York offer beauty coming from the deepest of the earth. 


Granite Countertops in Rockland NY


Benefits of Installing a Granite Kitchen Countertop


  • Granite countertops in Rockland County are available at top quality. 
  • They are at affordable prices and budget-friendly.
  • Granite countertop slabs are incredibly durable to time damage.
  • Due to their non-porous structure, granite slabs do not swell. 
  • They are highly resistant to scratches and fire. 
  • Beautiful granite colors are easily accessible in Rockland County
  • granite kitchen countertop always presents your kitchen elegantly. 


We Ensure the Top-Quality Kitchen Design


Bergen Cabinets & Countertops is the leading company in the kitchen decoration industry in New York. Our company's success depends on the institutionalized and standardized quality that we provide by only working with the best stone fabricators in Orange County, New York. Since the quality of our products is a signature of Bergen Cabinets and Countertops, we especially do not tolerate unprofessional work. Thanks to our 6 years of experience in the kitchen decoration industry, we have a significant accumulation of knowledge on kitchen-related matters. However, it is not only the issues that we gained experience in technical expertise, but also we have built great friendships and strong bonds with our customers since 2016. One reason is that making a deal with Bergen Cabinets & Countertops means lifelong product satisfaction. In the following years, after the installation is done, our customers are 100% comfortable interacting with us with any minor issue. The other reason is that we see our customers as our family; thus, we care about our customers' well-being as the first matter. Moreover, we are always proud to see happy customers in our showrooms. Since serving in the best way and ensuring the top-quality kitchen design by our 40-member expert team is a pleasure for us rather than a bother, we are always confident to expand our family of smiling faces thanks to the good references of our customers. 

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