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Have you ever thought about where we fulfil one of our most fundamental needs as a simple human being? The answer is in the kitchen, of course! After all, what can be more enjoyable than eating a delicious meal among our survival needs? Kitchen is the place not only where we cook our food, but also, we share the most sensitive memories with our beloved ones. Moreover, kitchen is always there for any kind of personality and lifestyle. In other words, it does not matter if you are single or married, someone who enjoys solitude or crowds; or a person preferred their dear pet friends rather then humans at all. There is always a kitchen with you in it whoever you are. 



Top-quality Granite Countertops in Orange County


With no doubt, we all care about our kitchen a lot, since it is the sit bones of our house. It is no secret that a house without a good functioning kitchen do not have any use value. Moreover, it is almost impossible to feel happy and taken cared in a house with problematic kitchen issues. For example, we cannot sleep with a peaceful mind while thinking about the swelled countertop in the kitchen. 

Kitchen countertops hold the most attention when it comes to proper kitchen functioning. As one of the best choices for a kitchen, natural granite countertops in Orange County, NY just perfectly suit for the purpose of designing a durable and budget friendly kitchen. Granite slabs do not make you uncomfortable with anxious thoughts in the middle of the night. You do not have to worry if your teenage boy would make a scratch on your granite countertop slab, while trying to prepare his first dinner recipe.  This is only because granite kitchen countertops in Orange County are at the top-quality for affordable prices. 


Granite Countertops in Orange


Why Granite? 


Granite is a beautiful natural rock that is commonly used in kitchen countertop production because of several main reasons as:

  • Granite is a natural material that is nonporous. It means it has no tolerance at all to liquid absorption, and no way it gets easily swelled. 
  • Granite slabs are high quality because they are made from extremely strong granite rocks. 
  • Granite countertop slabs’ strength make them highly cost effective, since their marginal price will always be decreasing for years long.
  • You do not have to clean a granite countertop with heavy chemicals thanks to its waterproof surface. 
  • Cooking will be more fun for you, because you will not be worrying about damaging the countertop with a hot pan, since it is also fire-resistant. 
  • Granite will make your kitchen display more elegant and sophisticated. 


We are Ready with Years of Experience


As Bergen Cabinets & Countertops, we guarantee you the top-quality granite kitchen countertops in Orange County, New York. Since 2016, we are in the business only to deliver you the best quality countertops working in a high maintenance manner with the most professional stone fabricators in NY. Granite kitchen fabricators in Orange County are always available and accessible through our professional network. Moreover, we do not simply choose to work with the best granite kitchen fabricators in Orange County, at the same time, Bergen Cabinets & Countertops is always a first preference for them to make business with,  because they put trust on our company. Our primary concern is achieving 100% customer satisfaction; however, we intend to keep this vision in every field that we engage in the business. 6 years ago, we draw a path to the kitchen design industry as only 4 hardworking founders of Bergen Cabinets & Countertops. Today, on the other hand, we are a 40-member family with a well-known reputation among our customers. We are aware we own this success to be excellently referred by happy customers. Thus, please do not hesitate to check out the formula of this happiness by visiting our showrooms in New Jersey.

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