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Gold is a common color choice for granite countertops because of its perfect neutral look that makes it blend with several decorating styles. Colors such as gold, cream, and yellow are builders preferred granite choice, this is because of their universal appeal.

Gold countertops fit into most decors, and it is easy to sell houses with gold countertops because of its appealing and attractive appearance. Gold countertops easily adapts to a darker or brighter décor by offering subtle contrast.

Rich gold granite is trendy and timeless. It is an excellent design choice due to its neutrality that lends well to different colors and styles of kitchen cabinets, flooring, and backsplashes. Irrespective of your kitchen size and layout, a simple rule of thumb when choosing your kitchen cabinetry is to select a stain that contrasts your countertop choice. For example, choose a gold granite that is usually fair and light, then you will have to make the choice of dark cabinet to match the darkest parts in the granite slab to provide a touch of contrast and continuity. You should note that, your cabinet choice should be a function of your countertops in order to bring your design style into the kitchen. 

It should be noted that gold granite countertops vary under light conditions that may be caused by either intense door lighting or sunny days. The golden tones from these countertops are very intense and powerful as they are directly from the rock, together with the random burgundy speckles. On the other hand, during cloudy days or in the absence of illumination, the countertops may look dull under this kind of condition.

Popular gold granite colors include Venetian Gold graniteVictoria Gold graniteFerro Gold graniteRiver Gold graniteIvory Gold graniteImperial Gold graniteBlack Gold granite, and Diamond Gold granite among others.

You can have different variations of gold granite and combination of other colors to beautifully set up your kitchen. For example, you can have Venetian gold granite with white cabinet, black granite with gold flakes, new Venetian gold granite with white cabinets, gold decomposed granite as your countertop, white granite with gold flecks, Madura gold granite countertops, Venetian gold granite with backsplash, and new Venetian gold granite with oak.