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Galley Kitchen

A galley kitchen consists of two parallel wall with a narrow passage between the two parallel walls. Usually, one wall houses kitchen components such as ovens stoves, kitchen utensils, and other storage elements among others. The opposite wall is where the sink, cleaning fixtures, and it also houses other kitchen items as well. The galley kitchen layout is perfect for all kitchen styles; most professional chefs prefer the galley kitchen layout because it enhances efficiency and safety during cooking.

Bergen Granite & Marble - Galley Kitchen

The galley kitchen is named after the compact galley in a ship, the purpose of infusing this design as a type of kitchen design is to create space in the kitchen space by packing in majority of the work area and storage which makes it ideal as the most viable style for homes with small kitchen space.

There are a few things to know and incorporate if you are planning to have a galley kitchen. A few of these things are highlighted below;


Guide for a Galley Kitchen Layout

The primary purpose of the galley kitchen design is to optimize kitchen space and as such the first and primary objective is to make the design in such a way that the space is make bigger by adding features that will expand the area visually.

  • Analyze your Space: The first thing to do here is to assess your space and look at how open spaces can be put to good use. Although the galley kitchen design is meant for small kitchen space, it can also be suitable for medium sized kitchens as well. Make sure the layout is such that the two opposing walls are not too far apart so that the kitchen doesn’t lose its efficiency.


  • Select your Preferred Galley Look: There are two types of layouts as far as the galley kitchen design is concerned; one is the symmetrical, while the other is the asymmetrical look. The symmetrical is one in which the arrangement of the units and the length of the runs on each side mirrors each other as much as you want. While for the asymmetrical, you can have different approaches like having tall cabinets or appliances on one side of the room, with wall units and base on the other side or you can have a combo of both tall and wall units on one side with a single run of base on the other side.


  • Leave space for a galley corridor: Depending on the layout of your kitchen space, a good way to add some touch of uniqueness to the galley kitchen design is to leave both end of the galley kitchen open. Although, for homes with kids who may be running around the entire space, this may not be a very safe idea.

Bergen Granite & Marble - White Galley Kitchen

  • Closed-off kitchen wall: A galley kitchen that is closed on one end gives room for the cook or chef to have better control and it is much safer compared to when both ends are opened. With one end closed, the cook has great awareness of others going and coming into the kitchen.


Colors for Galley Kitchen

A great choice of color for your galley kitchen is light and bright colors will be a good idea; a darker color creates a cozy feel while a lighter color can tend to open up spaces.

Bergen Granite & Marble - Galley Kitchen_2

In conclusion, you can add efficient storage features like tall pantry storage, cabinet door organizers, and lazy susans to your galley kitchen. This will help you have space to store all kitchen items in a place where you can easily reach them when they are needed.