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Country Kitchen

Country kitchen is a well-designed large kitchen area with special portion for food preparation and enough space for people to seat round the dining to eat. The idea of country kitchen has been on the ascendency most especially in the last one year. Their cozy look, rustic style, and homely feel has endeared so many homeowners to adopt the idea of country kitchen and this has seen many homeowners transforming their kitchens into country kitchen spaces that can accommodate the entire family.


Guide on how to create a Country Kitchen

Country kitchen is an inviting space for the family to enjoy featuring handcrafted furniture, natural materials, and other accessories that make the entire space a delight to behold. It includes all kinds of creative designs like copper pots hanging from a wrought iron rack, an arrangement of antique cooking appliances spreading across the wall, and old milk bottles sitting on the shelf among others.

Bergen Granite & Marble - Counrty Kitchen_2

To create a country kitchen, you can tweak a few things like painting the bead-board cabinetry and furniture with milk paint in pastel hues such as cream, blue, or pale yellow. This will help to evoke some form of nostalgic feeling, remove the door panel just below the sink and add a drape with a large floral pattern to cover up the open space. This style of country kitchen design is more ornate than other types of designs and it incorporates colors like green, purple, rose hues bring some feel of nature into the kitchen.

For a French Country feel, you can use smaller scale patterns in cobalt blue, lavender, and other purpose-inspired shades. If you want the California country look, then you can decide to go with beach and choose colors that perfectly blend well with the ocean and an example of such color is cream. Avoid clutter and ensure you fill the room with exposed woods.

Pick natural surfaces for use on cabinetry, furniture, flooring, and countertops. For the wood finishes, you can settle for interesting craftsmanship and cravings to be covered in hand painted and tumble tiles. Do not use artificial materials such as plastic and do not overload the cabinets with greenery. However, you can use artificial materials and plastics to display antique bowls with color.

To have some cozy atmosphere in the room cover the doors with stained glass or chicken wire and then leave some parts of the shelf open. Add lighting to display what it is inside. If granite is used for the countertops, then go for a honed surface in place of a polished surface, add a chandelier made of twigs or copper.

You can add some pots and pans, break up the walls, distress or paint your cabinets, play up the patterns, create a place where the entire family may gather to dine after cooking, and tone down your counter. In all, designing your country kitchen is down to your choices.  

There are several ways in which homeowners can incorporate country design into their kitchen design. You can achieve country design through the architectural features you include in the kitchen, or revamp your current counter and cabinets and adding some country colors. Other ways to incorporate country colors include:

  • Tile the wainscoting and walls.
  • Use chair slip covers, curtains, and cushions using a navy or red prints.
  • Add wall arts, vases, and other accessories that engenders that small pop of color in the entire kitchen space.
  • Install a tile backsplash with an accent tile in red or navy on a white or cream background.
  • Paint the accent wall at the other end of the room while you maintain the other walls in neutral cream.

Bergen Granite & Marble - Counrty Kitchen

In conclusion, it should be noted that lighter colors are usually the background of the country style and in the darker tones make sure you add enough of pale yellow, pink. Cream, white, and pale blue among others.