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Corner Cabinets

A corner cabinet is a special cabinet made to maximize every available space in a corner. A corner cabinet uses a non-standard configuration because of the difficulty of being able to reach into a cabinet that is deeper than 24 inches. Corner cabinets are made in both upper and base cabinet designs but base cabinets are the more common of the two types. Corner cabinets are the darkest, most remote, and loneliest space in your kitchen. The primary objective of a corner cabinet is to ensure efficient use of space on the inside.

Bergen Granite & Marble - Corner Cabinets


The different internal shelving styles used in most corner cabinet units use a variation of drawers, Lazy-Susans, custom shaped shelves or the space will be left empty. Corner cabinet doors are made with multi-hinges and custom matched to the space.


Designing a Corner Cabinet

Designing a corner cabinet is one of the trickiest thing to do in setting up your kitchen. Most of these corner cabinets end up having lots of space, but the spaces are difficult to access because of the narrow opening on the corner cabinets.

There are ways to go about designing a good corner cabinet that will make them to be easily accessible. Here are a few of the steps that can be taken to design an easily accessible corner cabinet;

  • Blue Drawers: Install custom drawers in order to make use of the depth of the corners.
  • Wire Shelving: Nesting wire shelves will help you make the most of your corner cabinet and it requires just one drawer. The only limitation here is that you can’t store items that are tall in this case.
  • Pot Rack: Another good solution for homeowners is to use deep cabinets to hang pans and pots, while they can store lids on the bottom. This makes it easy to reach the items and they can also be free from dust.
  • Lazy Susan on the Door: Installing Lazy Susan shelves in a corner cabinet makes the whole thing also easy as attaching shelves to the door makes it an easy task to access items once the door is opened.
  • Flat-Front Drawers: Going with a flat- fronted corner blunts the corner and thus you don’t have to keep the corner defined. This method is cost-effective as well.
  • Pull-Out Shelves: This style fits perfectly into the corner space and helps to maximize the amount of storage opportunities available.
  • Traditional Lazy Susan: This rotating shelve helps you to reach the farthest depths of your corner cabinet with just a spin.
  • Trash and Recycling: Depending on where your corner cabinet is cited, it can just be the perfect place for a pull-out recycling system.

White Corner Cabinets

A perfect way to design corner cabinets is to install a wall oven in the corner so that all the hard to access dark corners can become bright and easily accessed through the illumination provided by the oven’s electrical parts.

Whichever way you see it, corner cabinets are a great idea because of the many benefits it offers in your kitchen set up. If they are properly designed they add some touch of beauty also to your entire kitchen set up.