Corner Cabinets: Use The Space Efficiently

Kitchen cabinets are an essential part of any kitchen renovation because they have a distinctive role in defining the functionality as well as style of a kitchen. You may need to maximize the storage capacity of your kitchen cabinetry but not be sure about how to manage it while still protecting a coherent and flawless look. If this is the case for you, it is time to learn some essentials about corner cabinets that will enable you to have enough space to organize and store your things and preserve the clean and tidy look of your kitchen. Keep reading to become familiar with corner cabinets and how to utilize them in your kitchen design.

Basically, a corner cabinet is a special cabinet made to maximize every available space in a corner. Using a non-standard configuration because of the difficulty of reaching into a cabinet that is deeper than 24 inches, corner cabinets are made in both upper and base cabinet designs, but base cabinets are the more common of the two types. In this regard, corner cabinets are the darkest, most remote, and loneliest space in your kitchen.

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Designing a Corner Cabinet

Designing a corner cabinet is one of the trickiest things to do in setting up your kitchen. Most of these corner cabinets end up having lots of space, but the areas are difficult to access because of the narrow opening on the corner cabinets. However, there are certain ways to design an excellent corner cabinet that will make them easily accessible. Here are a few of the solutions that can be taken to create an easily accessible corner cabinet:

  • Wire Shelving: Nesting wire shelves will help you make the most of your corner cabinet, and it requires just one drawer. The only limitation that you should consider is that you will not be able to store tall items with wire shelving.
  • Pot Rack: Another good solution for homeowners is to use deep cabinets to hang pans and pots while they can store lids on the bottom. This way, it will be pretty easy to reach the item while keeping them free from dust. 
  • Standard Diagonal Cabinets: A diagonal cabinet might be a good idea if you need some space to place your pots, pans, and Tupperware. Besides, you can use these cabinets to add some color to your kitchen by placing plants and some accessories as diagonal cabinets offer an open area. 
  • Accordion Cabinet Doors: Offering you enough deep storage and easy access, accordion cabinets are a good choice for storing large kitchen appliances and utensils. 
  • Glass Corner Display Cabinets: If you have a traditional kitchen design, you should definitely think about complementing your cabinetry with a corner cabinet that has a glass door. The best option to utilize these cabinets is using them to display your favorite mugs, recipe books, or china set. 
  • Narrow Corner Pullout Drawer: Are you struggling to find a suitable place for your spices? In that case, a narrow corner pullout drawer is the answer you are looking for. Besides, you can protect your spices from dust and dirt with this solution. Do not forget to add labels on the jars to easily identify them. 
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  • Lazy Susan on the Door: Installing Lazy Susan shelves in a corner cabinet also makes the whole thing simple, as attaching shelves to the door makes it easy to access items once the door is opened.
  • Flat-Front Drawers: Going with a flat-fronted corner blunts the corner, and this way, you do not have to keep the corner defined. This method is quite cost-effective as well.
  • Pull-Out Shelves: This style fits perfectly into the corner space and helps to maximize the number of storage opportunities available.
  • The Lazy Susan: This rotating shelve helps you reach the farthest depths of your corner cabinet only with a spin. The only thing you should keep in mind is that the Traditional Lazy Susan may not be the best option to store heavy items as it is prone to breaking. 
  • The Super Susan: Unlike the Lazy Susan, the Super Susan is supported by a fixed shelf that ensures improved durability and the ability to hold heavy items. Although the Super Susan is moderately expensive, it is still widely available from cabinet manufacturers, making it easily accessible for many homeowners. 
  • Swing-Out Cabinets: Offering easy access to items, swing-out cabinets provide excellent space and durability, enabling them to carry heavy loads, too. The downsides of swing-out cabinets are their high prices and their requirement for articulated doors that can bang adjoining cabinetry. 
  • Chevron Drawers: Having a creative and unique design, Chevron drawers also guarantee a solid solution for storing heavy items. These drawers are especially great for kitchens with limited areas. 

As you can see, there are numerous corner cabinet options that you can apply to have extra space to store your kitchen items while still preserving the flawless beauty of your kitchen. Keep in mind that a perfect way to design corner cabinets is to install a wall oven in the corner so that all the hard-to-access dark corners can become bright and easily accessed through the illumination provided by the oven’s electrical parts.

Whichever way you see it, corner cabinets are a great idea because of their many benefits in your kitchen setup. If they are appropriately designed, they add some touch of beauty also to your entire kitchen setup.

Work with a Trusted Kitchen Cabinet Supplier 

If you are in need of some extra storage area in your kitchen but are still not sure which type of corner cabinet is the one that will fit perfectly your kitchen design and answer your needs, you should think about getting help from a well-experienced kitchen cabinet supplier. 

Bergen Cabinets and Countertops is a family-owned business that always prioritizes 100% customer satisfaction and provides the finest quality kitchen cabinets for reasonable prices. Reach us out and let us find the best-suited solution for the storage needs in your kitchen. Besides, you can check the following blog posts of ours to learn more about kitchen cabinets so that you can find the best kitchen cabinetry option for your kitchen design. 

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