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With their modern look and functionality, shaker style cabinets have been very popular amongst homeowners. Due to their simplistic and clean design, they can be applied to any kitchen and look great with any decorum.

Shaker cabinets consist of five pieces: four of them create the frame and the fifth piece, a flat panel, is located in the centre.This cabinet style allows you to choose from a great variety of materials and finishes. As a result, shaker cabinets can fit into any budget and style. For instance, you can create a clean and contemporary look by opting for a painted finish or natural one with a burned, rustic finish.

Raised Panel (Classical and Traditional)

Cabinet doors with a raised panel bring a traditional atmosphere to your kitchen. Highlighting the beauty and characteristics of the wood itself, raised panel doors have a slightly elevated panel in the centre. This look can be achieved through carving grooves or attaching a center panel with the help of adhesives. Some raised panel door designs may go for a unique combination of different materials for frames and center panel.

Moreover, you can customize your raised panel door to your liking by choosing square edges or arches, adding a glass panel in the centre or opting for metal inserts. The trendy design of raised panel doors allow you to choose from a variety of woods and finishes in order to be able to incorporate the final product into the style of your kitchen.

Flat Panel (Slab)

Flat panel cabinet doors are the rising trend amongst contemporary designers and homeowners who enjoy a sleek, modern look in their kitchen. Their concrete and smooth design allows them to fit right into transitional and contemporary styles.

Flat panel cabinet doors are built without any panels or frames, hence they do not have any busy or intricate details. As a result, they look very clean and smooth. Moreover, their fresh look allows them to fit any budget. For your flat panels, you can choose from wood or laminate material and color options are virtually limitless. And, if you feel like going for a rather lavish look, you can make your cabinets look more upscale with various types of hardware.

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