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Brown granite countertops have a history of being popular among consumers that usually pairs the countertops with light brown cabinetry. Brown granite countertops adapt well and suits a variety of earthy kitchen styles and themes. Whether you install brown countertops in your bathroom or kitchen, it gives your home a relaxing, warm, welcoming, and inviting feel and look.

Brown granite colors as countertops are a popular choice among clients and homeowners because of its neutral color, earth-like tones, and warm feeling. The patterns in brown granite varies from speckles or streaks, to highlights or veins of black, white, silver, or other shades of brown. Some popular shades of brown colors that you can choose from as your countertop include Baltic GraniteAntique BrownBrown FantasyTropic Brown, and Brown Persa among others. A taupe countertop is also a great choice for those who love a traditional feel. It pairs well with white, brown, and black accented. Sprinkling dark details on it creates an interesting contrast that you will love. Taupe granite countertopsArctic Taupe granite, Bianco Taupe granite countertops have a great way of adding beauty to your home.

When you decide to go with a brown countertop, the interesting part is that you are opened to a variety of options and shades of brown that can make your home look great. All you need to do is to take your time and decide on which shade will best make your home look good and which one will perfectly pair well with your cabinetry and other kitchen items.

Backsplash and Cabinet Designs for Brown Granite Countertops

Making the right choice of a backsplash tile can be difficult and stressful if not well managed. Selecting the wrong backsplash or cabinet color can break the outlook of a great kitchen idea.

When you have a hard surface, going for a pattern on pattern will not work well because a granite countertop already has enough pattern. Hence, you have to consider finding a patterned tile that will match the undertone of your granite countertop so that you can get the best look you have imagined. As a result of this, it is recommended that you should try as much as possible to install a solid color backsplash tile to complement your busy brown granite countertop.

Using a solid color backsplash will help to perfectly match the undertones in the tile pattern with the undertones in your granite countertop. With this, you will be able to have a calm set up that is appealing, welcoming and does not look jammed or busy to the eye. 

You can always engage the services of a professional home décor who can give you the right tips that will make your home a great delight whenever you need to set up your new home or remodel your existing home.

Let our experts at Bergen Cabinets & Countertops help you with making the right decisions and choices for your brown granite countertop, you can schedule an appointment with us and we will be right on time to give our expert opinions on how to make your home look exactly as what you have always wanted it to be.