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Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Blue is naturally a notice-me hue and this is why the blue kitchen and blue kitchen cabinet is becoming more popular with homeowners and contractors adopting the style. It might sound strange to use blue color for your kitchen but trust me it is because you don’t see it often or because it is not so common. Usually, blue is used for the wall but if used in the right way, it can bring some breathe of life into your kitchen and you will be amazed at the beauty it really exhumes.

Blue signifies so many things such as relaxation, feeling of peace, expansiveness, quietness, and grandness. If you want to have a good idea of what a blue kitchen would look like, just take a look at the ocean and blue sky and you can have that idea or feeling of the aura a blue kitchen can bring to your kitchen space. Even when blue is used in the room, it brings a feeling of luxury, tranquility, and calmness.

Bergen Granite & Marble - Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Blue color is also known as the color that relieves stress and helps to slow down your heart beat and lowers blood pressure. So why not try some shades of blue in your kitchen? You can try Navy blue, dark blue, rustic blue, Egyptian blue, blue grey, bold blue, elegant blue, light blue, antique blue, and blue stained kitchen among others and even a combination of blue with some touches of white.

Wouldn’t be a bad idea to explain the uniqueness that each of this shades of blue are capable of bringing to your kitchen. Hence, in the following section, we will be looking at the uniqueness of each of this shades of blue.

Bergen Granite & Marble - Blue Kitchen Cabinet_2

  • Dark Blue Kitchen Island: Dark blue kitchen island is awesome for the base of your kitchen especially when combined with white color. This will give you a sophisticated design that will still look fancy and will be a delight for your visitors to behold.


  • Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinet: Navy blue kitchen cabinet is suitable for kitchens that are spacious. So if you have a kitchen with large space, you might want to consider the navy blue kitchen. Navy blue kitchen cabinet is the perfect shade that fits a large kitchen space as the cabinet color is distinct and navy color is a good choice because it balances out light and heat.

Bergen Granite & Marble - Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinet_2

  • Egyptian Blue Kitchen Cabinet: The Egyptian blue kitchen cabinet brings an aura of freshness and uniqueness into the kitchen space. It is simple yet fresh! The blue cabinets stand out and will make your kitchen super unique and colorful.


  • Gorgeous Blue Kitchen Cabinets: This is similar to the color of the ocean and the sky, it gives your kitchen a cozy and sweet look. When combined with a perfect lighting and good lamp system, it becomes so fresh and it gives a gorgeous design to your kitchen.


  • Rustic Blue Kitchen Set: Although the rustic kitchen style is more popular with grey or white color, it can also be combined with other colors such as blue and you will be amazed at what you get depending on how well the colors are well-blended. The rustic blue kitchen set gives a stunning and decent look for the kitchen.


The blue kitchen style and blue kitchen cabinet is a wonderful idea, if well explored, it can be a real deal for your kitchen.