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Blue granite countertops are glamorous and can be suitable for different kitchen styles such as cottage, southwestern, contemporary, and nautical. However, it must be noted that there are different shades of blue and this must be put into consideration when you decide to go for blue countertops either for your kitchen or other areas of your home. The different shades of blue include sky blue, light blue, and cobalt blue among others; whichever shade you decide to go with should be a function of your kitchen design and styles, and making sure that the selected shade of blue goes well with other kitchen gadget colors such as your cabinetry, your floor tiles and wall paint among others.

We will be taking a look at some of the different blue countertops that can give your home the desired look and lift that’s welcoming and adoring. Blue countertops are bold and your visitors will always notice them in your kitchen space as they have this glowing appearance that draws people’s attention. Hence, going for blue countertop in your home will be the right choice if you want something that is easily noticeable.

There are a variety of blue granite colors, the most important ones include blue flower granitepersa blue granitenavy blue graniteice blue granite countertopslight blue countertops, and dynamic blue granite among others. With these variations of blue color, you can see that you are have an exhaustive list to choose from when you decide to go for blue countertops.  

In conclusion, going for blue countertop is a bold choice as it will add lively energy to your kitchen. You can always contact professionals to help you with the right choices of kitchen gadgets to match your blue countertops when you need to either set up your new home or remodel your existing home.

Matching Your Blue Granite Countertop with your Backsplash, Floor, and Cabinets

The choice of backsplash, floor, and cabinets sometimes can be subjective, depending on preferences. However, there are color and design combinations that are perceived by professional home décor specialist as accepted and ideal. For example, a white cabinet and grey floor tiling will be a perfect choice. Blue granite generally pairs well with several colors and the fact that there are various shades of blue makes blue even more ideal for those who like to explore as they will have several options at their disposal.