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Discover how accessories create difference in your home decoration as well as in your personal mood. Make the kitchen work as well as life easier with different kitchen accessories. Take your choice and refresh your kitchen design. Meet aesthetics and empasize your own style. Your kitchen gains a new and charming identity now!

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When done correctly, a mix and match kitchen remodeling project can be quite elegant. But like any decorating project, using new materials and new colors requires a bit more planning and careful assessment of your kitchen space in order to achieve the intended look. No matter what kind of kitchen cabinets or countertops you choose, kitchen accessories provide the finishing touch. And it can either dress it up or dress it down.

As a general rule you should try to get your hardware aligned with the style of the cabinet doors to avoid creating an unwanted focal point at your place. For example, on a sleek cabinet door, simple knobs and pulls create a clean silhouette. However, using ceramic knobs with floral details with those sleek and minimal cabinet doors can create a vintage effect. The same rule applies to all the other kitchen accessories including sink, faucet or tiles that you will use in your kitchen. If you have chosen classic cabinet doors you should try to find classical faucet or tiles to compose a harmony among the entire kitchen stuff and vice a versa. If you need inspiration and can’t decide about how to combine your kitchen accessories with your cabinets or countertops, go ahead and explore our expansive selection of kitchen accessories available at Bergen Cabinets & Countertops. Our professional interior designers will help you to find the best available options that will suit your needs.

The most common types of faucets are single-handled steel ones. For kitchens you will most likely still prefer steel, albeit multiple handled ones. You must highly consider installing a pop-up sprayer and multiple faucets that have separate hot and cold functions in addition.
Black, gray even red and orange colors are trending pretty highly in kitchen faucets. They add a distinctly modern and bold vibe. They are very popular colors thanks to their similar usage as decorative themes that have been seen in globally cherished artsy venues such as modern art museums.
  • Pulldown:
    1. Easily maneuverable, efficient, and comfortable,
    2. Better for cooking enthusiasts as its easier to fill the cookware,
    3. Very efficient in rinsing both soapy dishes and food particles for your garbage disposal,
    4. More modern look.
  • Pull-Out:
    1. Mobile and compact spray head beneficial for conversing space,
    2. Better for kitchen sinks that have cabinets over them since it takes less space,
    3. Suitable for shallow sinks as they have less risk of splashback,
    4. More traditional feeling.
For modern cabinet handle types, you can opt for stainless steel pull bars, antique styled rustic wire pulls, copper or nickel knobs and Swedish brushed iron bars. For traditional cabinet handle selections you can enhance your cozy vibe with brushed satin nickel, oil rubbed bronze, and brushed satin.
We can see trending colors and styles for cabinet handles such as black nickel, antique copper and brass, oil-rubbed bronze, and brushed satin nickel as they are bringing an air of modernity to the kitchens. You can opt for more classical options such as chrome, dull chrome, and lacquer as well which can never be wrong.
There is a variety of different sizes for cabinets, however, we recommend going with the standard pull length which is relatively 1/3 of the drawer or cabinet width. For compact drawer options your pulls can be around 3”-4” length or for knobs, you can go with 1” diameter.
There are generally three types of sinks that are widely accepted as standards. These are flush-mount sinks, under-mount sinks, and top-way mount sinks.
While double kitchen sinks require a large amount of space to be installed, their benefits outweigh those of single kitchen sinks. You can separate your dishes while washing them and use one section entirely dedicated to your garbage disposal unit. This way you can better organize your kitchen and have less of a fuss during your washing sessions.
  • Granite:
    • Pros: Looks fascinatingly modern and less prone to scratches.
    • Cons: Needs to be maintained more often as it develops a white residue over the surface.
  • Stainless Steel:
    • Pros: Large selection of choices and durable structure.
    • Cons: Prone to scratches and less aesthetic feeling.
Generally speaking, standard kitchen sinks range between 8 and 10 inches.